Project description

The IPCA project aims to develop a new intelligent interaction mechanism that will enable people with severe motor and speech disabilities to control standard, and especially web-based, applications. The system will be based on a flexible combination of existing non-invasive sensors and encoders able to control different physiological parameters, and a set of software tools that will allow the user to interact with existing computer applications. IPCA will facilitate user interaction with different Internet applications and services.

IPCA has two components:

  • Multi-channel Monitoring System (MMS), based on non-invasive sensors able to control several physiological parameters from the user such as: EMG, EDR, accelerometers, RR/RA, etc.
  • Ambient Navigation Toolkit (ANT) that will interface between the MMS and some standard software applications, by providing keyboard and/or mouse emulation functions. Its components are:
    • Smart Web Browser that will facilitate user interaction with Internet services
    • Training system
    • Personal profile manager
    • On-screen keyboard with scanning and word prediction capabilities
    • Emotional Response Monitoring System

The main target user group for the IPCA project is people with severe physical and/or speech impairments. You can download the project brochure as a PDF file.